Gate Repair San Fernando CA
Gate Repair San Fernando CA

Electric Gate Repair San Fernando CA and Installation Services

There is hardly one solution to each gate problem. That's only one reason why our gate repair San Fernando CA team is here for. Scenarios involving pressing the clicker and getting no action from the gate are common. So next time your gate stops before it opens all the way, don't play eeny-meeny-miny-moe with the parts. Call us. Curious about some possible reasons for this problem? The track might be misaligned keeping the wheels from traveling. Another potential reason is the rollers themselves. They might be extremely worn or bump in an obstacle which keeps them from continuing their journey. Lastly, it could be a problem with the opener.

When Eagle, All-O-Matic, DKS and other gate opener manufacturers make their products, they include a couple of switches or buttons which are used to set the limit of the gate's journey. In other words, they are set to make sure the gate will reach the right closing and opening position and stop there. It shouldn't stop before or after that point. That's also the reason why sliding gates also have a stop feature which keeps the gate from rolling further than it should – or you will search it in your garden.

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There are many technical details when it comes to electric gates. That's natural. They are very heavy and must open and close with accuracy or you can kiss your security good-bye. Every little gate part is important. They all work together to ensure the gate opens fully, stops where it should, and shuts well. The gate motor also plays a great role in the process. Gate opener motors have different horsepower capabilities. When you come to us with an interest in new gate opener installation, the first thing we check is the gate. Its size and weight make the difference. A powerful enough motor for your gate will withstand winds and elements and have the strength to move the gate.

What can happen with a faulty gate opener?

One of the most important features with gate openers is their reverse mechanism. Since the UL 325 safety guidelines were first issued in 1993, there have been several revisions. Gate opener brands ought to adhere to such regulations in order to create safe electric gates. These safety standards include primary and secondary protection devices for the avoidance of traps.

What's the simplest thing that can happen to you? Your scarf or coat might get caught in the gate. Should we elaborate? You will most likely choke unless someone activates the fail-safe release system. The same system comes handy during emergencies. Can you imagine a building in flames and a long line of vehicles waiting to exit the property when there is no power? In such cases, the release mechanism can save lives. But brands also integrate backup batteries now to ensure the electric gate opener will keep running during power failure.

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It goes without saying that such gate systems are extremely important for your safety. If they don't work right, accidents might happen. This is the last thing anyone wants and the reason why our company offers urgent gate and garage door repair San Fernando CA service 24/7. For safety reasons, we also keep updated not only with innovative products but also revisions with the safety standards. This way, we can keep your gate functional and convenient either by fixing a problem with the track, repair the hinges, adjust the gate or take care of your faulty intercom. When it comes to such heavy electric systems, anything can go wrong. With our regular services, scheduled replacement of damaged parts, welding service, opener repair and any other gate repair San Fernando CA work, we can keep gates going and you safe. Contact us for your needs today.