Garage Door Spring Repair
Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage Door Spring Repair / Cable Repair & Replacement

Whether you know it or not, you should never ignore garage door spring problems. And you must never interfere with their repair, but rather rely on professional garage door spring repair services. At Garage Door Repair San Fernando CA, we understand the frustration owners go through when their overhead door doesn't open. But have you checked the list of garage door accidents lately? A large number of hospitalized cases is due to spring injuries. And when it comes to these tensed parts, the injuries are severe. You don't need to have a vivid imagination to picture a large tensed spring striking you on the face.

Why garage door spring repair is important

What good our garage door spring repair San Fernando CA services do? Allow us to make a short list to breakdown the reasons for trusting us with your spring needs:Garage Door Spring Repair

  • First of all, we can help you with your broken spring replacement needs. We can cover such needs 24/7, replace both extension and torsion springs, and bring the new spring with us – so that you don't have to rush buying a new one or getting the wrong size.
  • We can also schedule an appointment to inspect the condition of the springs. Most springs run for 10 or 15 thousand cycles before they break. But since nobody can say how many cycles are still left, we recommend keeping their purchase date. This will give us a better idea of their strengths. But we can also evaluate their condition during services.
  • One way of keeping torsion and extension springs in good shape is by servicing them. Both types consist of coils, which need some lubrication. They definitely need adjustment since they lose their flexibility over time and we add tension to make them strong again.
  • As you properly suspect, springs don't stand there all alone. Other parts support them. And, they connect with another tensed component, the cable. Such parts include the torsion spring shaft and cones, bearings and cable drums, extension spring pulleys and safety cables as well as brackets. These parts might break, become misaligned, loose or worn.
  • Don't forget that the best method to avoid spring problems is prevention. That translates in regular inspections and services, but also early replacement of springs and as soon as they start aging.

Fixing garage door cables fast is also vital

When we check and fix springs, we also inspect the balance of the door and should there is need, we do the garage door cable repair work. In order to understand the importance of both spring & cable services, you must understand how these systems work.

Regardless of their differences, all spring types have some things in common. They must all provide the required counterbalance energy to the door's weight so that it will open and close evenly. As long as the door remains shut, they all store their energy in order to use it to open it. Torsion springs stretch on their shaft while extension springs contract to lift the door and only stretch to close it down. In either case, both springs transfer their power to the cables. Torsion springs transfer their energy through the shaft and the extension springs through the pulleys.

It's clear that when the pulleys are broken or the cable is off the drum, the spring efforts will go in vain. And here is when we come in to fix any problem. Is one or more pulleys broken? We replace them. Do you have a broken cable? We either repair or replace it. Did the springs break? We do the required garage door repair San Fernando work or replace them. So don't hesitate to get in touch with us whenever you need help with your spring or cable system.