Garage Door Repair Service
Garage Door Repair Service

Top Quality Garage Door Repair Service in San Fernando CA

You get ready to go to work but the garage door won't open. Although the opener makes the usual noise, the overhead door remains on the floor and doesn't move an inch. Determine to get to work on time, you pull the emergency release cord. But the door is still on the floor and by now you are already late for work. What do you do? You call Garage Door Repair San Fernando CA. You can actually rely on our garage door repair service 24/7 but you could have saved the day by calling us even earlier. What we do at our company is fix garage doors but also prevent their problems with routine inspections and maintenance garage door service. However, any time you can't open the door, all you have to do is contact our team in San Fernando CA. During the above scenario, the owner was actually lucky but didn't know it. When the door is on the floor while the opener seems to work, nine out of ten times it's a clear indication of broken springs. The owner was lucky that the springs broken with the door shut. If it would have been open, it would have hit his car or him. And that's how a simple problem can turn into a tragedy. That's also the reason why we don't only offer emergency garage door spring repair, but also replace springs before they snap and make spring adjustments.

Preventive garage door service saves livesGarage Door Repair Service

Want to read another possible scenario of a problem that might lead to equal dreadful results? You have the overhead door open while doing your laundry in the garage and keep an eye on your 2-year-old playing around. The little one takes the remote control and starts pressing buttons (sounds familiar?). The door starts moving down but doesn't stop when it comes in contact with the child. In spite of the extent of the child's injuries, this is surely a nightmarish scenario. What went wrong? The reverse system wasn't active. Although we offer same day and 24 hour garage door opener repair, we can assure you that we could have prevented this case scenario. The reverse mechanism didn't work because the sensors eithXer had damage, misalignment, disconnection or dirty. Any of these cases will make the sensors unable to see the child under the door. What would prevent similar problems is the regular maintenance of the opener or sensors repair as soon as you notice that their lights are off or their wires chewed up.

With garage door repair, we keep your property secure

Although safety problems are the most tragic ones, some problems might also jeopardize your security. That happens when the door remains open or doesn't fully close on the ground. In these cases, a potential burglar might invite himself in by either forcing the door open with a tool or just by simply walking in. When will the garage door remain open?

  • When the pulleys break, the door usually binds or jam
  • If the limit travel settings don't adjust properly leaving the door half open
  • When the springs are too tense lifting a tad the door when closing
  • When the cable is off the drum causing the door to get stuck

Let professionals handle these problems! If you don't like the idea of dealing with burglars and safety hazards, struggle to open the door or pay high utility bills for failing to replace the weather stripping, ask the help of our garage door repair San Fernando CA team. Call us 24/7 for your emergency needs.

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