Garage Door Opener Repair
Garage Door Opener Repair
Garage Door Opener Repair
Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage Door Opener Repair and Installation - San Fernando CA

One might thing that nothing serious can happen to garage door openers since they are not directly exposed to elements. But that's hardly the case. After years of servicing these electric units, our garage door opener repair San Fernando CA experts can assure you that anything can go wrong. What makes openers reliable is their new advanced features, proper installation, regular maintenance, and quick fixing of any problem. In a different case, owners won't only suffer the frustration of a half opened door but also injuries.

It's hardly surprising that the UL 325 safety standards written basically for electric gates also apply to electric garage openers. Manufacturers are obliged to stick to these guidelines if they want to sell their products. Would you buy a Marantec chain drive opener if it wasn't certified for its safety? We all know the answer to that. The new features don't make the new openers more expensive; they make them more reliable in terms of one's security and safety. Let us explain why.

What can go wrong with your garage door opener?

The simplest scenario resulting from an opener conflict can cause serious issues. Let's say the door doesn't open all the way. If the problem is with the opener and its settings are not in adjustment, the smallest problem would be your frustration to take the car out. But in the case of emergency rescue teams, they might not be able to drive out their vans in order to put out a fire or collect a sick person with the ambulance. Simple inconveniences turn into nightmares when there is a small child or pet standing under the closing door and the sensors fail to reverse it.null

Such scenarios are not fiction. They happen in real life and occur due to failure of the opener to work right which in turn happens due to lack of opener service, postponing the repair of a problem and improper garage door opener installation. Why do such systems break down when Liftmaster, Craftsman, Genie, Marantec and other giant brands make them with the best specs? It only takes a heavy object to turn one of the safety sensors. In order to work well, their beam must meet mid-way under the door. This way, they can detect a person or object and reverse the door. When their lenses are filthy or they don't face each other, the reverse system won't function.

The extra garage door opener features are great

Additional opener features are also handy. The backup battery covers the needs of owners during a power outage. But there is also the release cord available to allow you to pull it down should there is an urgent need. When you press the clicker the lights come on to make your moves easier. And there are also motion light detectors enhancing security. Some openers even integrate a time-to-close feature, which is for those who forget their door open (no fingers pointed). Some other opener models enable you to check the status of the door while you are in the office. They will even allow you to open or close the door. And that's a small taste of what's out there.

Call us for garage door opener repair

Why will you need the help of our garage door repair San Fernando CA experts? We know every single technical detail about openers. And that's invaluable when you want to replace yours and get the ideal new unit. Our expertise and commitment to the opener progress and our own trade also make us ideal garage door opener repair techs. We'll be there to fix any problem with the sensors, motor, gears, chain and any other part of the opener. But we'll also come to maintain the entire electric garage door system and make adjustments. So if you have questions, need services or want to know more about new openers, don't just sit there wondering! Get in touch with us!